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Restaurant Manners Done Right

If you’re headed to one of the delicious Restaurants in Chester, you’ll want to make sure you know how to compose yourself in public to make a favorable impression.

The basics.
Of course, the basics of restaurant etiquette are common sense- no yawning at the table or talking with a full mouth, keep conversation clean and classy during the meal, and don’t cough all over your guests. Dressing nicely for dinner is always appropriate- this won’t necessarily be full formal, but appropriate to the level of the evening. In general, and specifically for business, men should always at least wear a jacket to dinner. A tie is great if dining with foreign guests used to a formal atmosphere too. A nice dress rarely goes wrong for women, or if you prefer a more masculine look, keep to the same guidelines as the guys. Your electronics and the contents of your pockets should stay out of sight. Cell phones, keys and purses don’t need to be on show at one of the delicious restaurants in Chester or indeed anywhere in the world. It’s rude. Your attention should be on your guests and dinner mates. And you will need the table space for eating.

Ordering with class.
If you’re the host, let your guests order first. Try and make clear who is hosting to the waiter too. Sadly, women often have to be slightly more assertive then male companions to be sure to be acknowledged as the host, so make sure you make it clear- a phrase like ‘My guest would like to order first’ should keep everyone in the clear. Savvy hosts may also want to make clear how payment is occurring before time, too. If you’re paying for everyone, make clear to the waiter that that is the case, although giving over credit cards at the start of the meal as was once common practice is no longer advised for safety. Otherwise, split the bill equally or make very clear if it is each to their own- separate billing for that circumstance may be advised to avoid issues.

I need a snap of my dinner!
Modern habit is, of course, to take photos of your food. While it’s not something we’ll ever particularly understand, if you’re with family or friends and can do it discreetly enough not to distract those around you, go for it. However, keep it to friends and family. Doing something like this- which at best smacks of the indulged digital generation- in front of a business client, especially a foreign business client who’s social acceptability limits may be vastly different to your own- will create quite the wrong impression about your seriousness as a host and a business partner.

Overall, keeping it classy in one of the delicious restaurants in Chester is not that hard. Use common sense, think like a host and keep your focus on your guests, and you should be good to go no matter whether it’s family fun or a strict business function.

What are the Food that You Need to Avoid If You Have Gout?

Body pain is something that a lot of people want to avoid and it is very understandable why. When suffering from body pain, an individual can easily be distracted and that in severe cases; body pain can prevent an individual from doing everyday activities or responsibilities.

One of the conditions in the body that can cause a lot of body pain is gout. Gout is characterized by excruciating pain on the different affected joints in the body. For some people, gout can be quite distracting as it can make moving quite painful. For other people however, the effects of gout are so severe that it makes them unable to move to do even the most basic of activities.

One of the highly influential factors for gout is the food that an individual eats and that too much of food that is contraindicated for those suffering from gout can actually severely worsen the problem.

Basically; the food that you will need to avoid are those that are high in purine. Purine is a compound that, when absorbed by the body and broken down; the by product, which is uric acid will cause crystals forming around the joints. The overabundance of uric acid in the blood will mean an increase in the formation of crystals around the joints which causes gout.

If you want to prevent gout from affecting you or if you are suffering from gout and you want to minimize the pain that the condition can cause then below are foods to avoid with gout detail.

A lot of seafood contain high levels of purine, like scallops for example. You will want to make sure then to minimize the amount of seafood that you eat. While it is okay to eat seafood every now and then, you will want to make sure to eat within 4 to 6 ounces of these in a day.

Another type of food that a lot of people love to eat is meat due to the amazing taste that they can give but the problem is that they are also quite high in purine, especially red meat like beef and pork. Even turkey is high in purine. You will want to make sure to minimize on the intake of the aforementioned food types then. Instead, you will want to go with chicken or duck meat as an alternative as they contain much lower levels of purine.

A lot of people love to drink beer due to its unique taste and the fact that the alcoholic beverage can have quite the kick. If you have gout however then beer is a beverage that you will really want to avoid. As with the above mentioned food; beer is quite high in purine levels. To make matters worse, a high intake of beer can also make it quite difficult for the body to get rid of the uric acid that builds up as a result of the breakdown of purine which makes the effects of gout a lot stronger and last a lot longer.

Business and Wine

Whenever there are business lunches or dinners or, even other business events, there always seems to be wines on offer to drink.
Singapore is a small country but is an important international port and business centre and so hosts many international business functions, often mixing businessmen from the east with businessmen from the west.

Bearing both these factors in mind, Singapore has a requirement for a lot of wine each year and as nothing much seems to be changing, the wine singapore 2015 requirement will be as high as in previous tears.
Singapore businessmen that host these meetings, even though they may not be connoisseurs themselves, must know a little bit about wines in order to ensure that they have the best selection available for their fellow businessmen. This will usually mean that they have a variety of red, white, rosé and sparkling wines on hand, in order to provide a wide a range as possible for their guests.

It is often the red wine connoisseurs which are the hardest to cater for as the different red wines come in a large variety of fruity flavours but having a few different, select flavours on offer, should placate even the most critical of tastes. A possible selection of wines to have on offer would be:

Beaujoulais which is often referred to as a Gamay is a wine which has a light cherry flavour with a hint of banana but, are perhaps particularly known for often having a green stem bitterness to them.

Pinot Noir is a wine renowned for having two different flavours depending on where it was made. If the wine is made in colder climates like Oregon or New Zealand, it will have a cranberry flavour to it but, if it is made in warmer climates like California, the flavour will be more like dark cherry.

Merlot is a very popular wine that can have a taste similar to plum or cherry but, more recently, wine makers in both the US and France are starting to age these wines longer, giving them the character of a much darker fruit.

Zinfandel is a wine which is good to keep on hand as it is perhaps America’s favourite choice in wines.

Cabernet Sauvignon is another popular choice and this is probably because it can offer a wide range of flavours, again depending on where it was made. These flavours vary from raspberry in wines made in colder weather like that experienced in Washington State to, strawberry in wines made in warmer weather like that of California. Regardless of where the Cabernet Sauvignon is made though, it is perhaps unique as it also has among all its flavours, a hint of bell and black peppers.

Some guests may prefer a fortified wine which is distinguishable by its purple colour but, as these wines are much stronger than the other wines, business meetings are not perhaps the best place for them and so any requests will probably be few and far between.

3 Reasons why You Will Want to Get a Personal Chef

Food is essential for a human being to live. The body uses the food that a person eats as fuel to power the different muscles and organs of the body. Without food; an individual will surely not be able to function property and can even be the cause of the individual’s death.

In the past, people were just content with being able to eat food but through the years, people have become more conscious and demanding from the food that they eat. The problem with great food however is that these meals can be quite difficult to prepare. Instead of preparing the food that you eat yourself, you will want to consider getting a personal chef instead. Below are 3 reasons why you should.

Probably one of the best reasons why you will want to get a personal chef is that there will be somebody who will prepare the food for you. This means that you can have a lot more time to do other chores in your home or maybe have a lot more time allocated for your work.

What’s great from a personal chef however is that you are ensured that you will be consuming restaurant quality food. With a regular cook for your home, it is possible that the food’s flavors may not be up to par with your standards. A personal chef however, will be able to prepare truly delicious meals that can come with amazing flavors that should make consuming the dishes truly a feast to your taste buds.

Another reason why you will want to get a personal chef is that the chef will be able to prepare meals that are healthy and contain just the number of calories that you need per meal. With this, it is possible for you to each just the right amounts of healthy food that you need in order for you to maintain a slim and healthy body but without you having to go on a starving diet or compromise on the flavor of the food that you are eating.

If you are based in Singapore then there are definitely a lot of personal chefs that you will be able to hire. However, the problem is that there can be too many chefs for you to choose form which can make making the choice difficult or it is possible that you do not know whom to contact in order to look for the best chefs available in the country. If you need help in looking for a personal chef in Singapore then is a website that should be able to help you out. What’s great about the website is that it has links as well as contact information to a huge number of personal chefs in the country allowing you to find a chef for your needs. To make it easier to choose a chef from the numerous ones available; offers a number of filters that will allow you to do a chef search depending on their cooking expertise as well as the prices of their services which should make narrowing down your chef choice very easy.

Wonders of Using Wok For Asian Cuisine

On sites like wok recipes, you will notice that there are a lot of woks that are sold for residential and for commercial use. If you are going to have a wok on your kitchen, you need to realize that it could make a huge difference on the way you cook your meals. Woks do have the ability to maximize the area where you cook the recipes. It maximizes the area that is in contact with the food. Also, it allows the use of minimal energy as you cook.

Also, if you intend on purchasing woks, you also need to make sure that you have purchased the right kind of stove. Do you prefer to have the electric stove or do you want to have the classic type of stoves used during the early days? There have been variations of the kind of wok used on electrical stove. The woks used on electric stoves are typically flat on its bottom, and are less efficient. Also, due to the fact that it doesn’t have the slope that the typical woks have, chefs have a difficult time mixing the food as they cook.

Used more than just for cooking
The chefs all over the world are using the woks not only for the purpose of cooking the favorite delicacies of their customers. In fact, woks are also used in order to attract more people. If you’ve seen performing chefs, you will notice that they make use of woks in order to attract more customers.

For restaurants, chefs who are in charge of these establishments are very particular about the shape of the wok for the reason that it has been designed economically. It has more surface area where you could cook, and therefore, you save time, and get more food served in an instant.

Not all woks are the same
What you have to realize though is that not all woks are the same. There are those modern day woks for electrical stoves that really do not have the curved surface. Instead, what they have is a flat surface at the bottom. This has its pros and its cons. For the pros, you could use it for your modern day stove. You don’t have to invest on the old type of stove just to have your favorite recipe. However, for the cons, you have to consider the fact that this defeats the purpose of the wok. Woks are curved in order to maximize the use of fuel when cooking, as well as it also maximizes the surface area where the food is.

The materials also differ in the type of experience you are going to have. Aluminum for instance is considered a substandard material compared to the likes of cast-iron or a non stick wok. Non-stick woks are made of Teflon, the material known for its easy to clean characteristics.

If you intend to cook Asian cuisine, and you don’t have the wok, don’t be frustrated that you don’t get to have the right taste. Wok plays a crucial role in the way Asian food is cooked. If you want to taste the authentic Eastern delicacies from Japanese to the Filipino food, you want to stick with the right kind of tools.


Eggplant has a valuable healthy property which helps the body fight diseases. In this article, you will learn how to cook eggplant the Asian way. What you need are few ingredients that can be found commonly in kitchens. First you need 3-5 eggplants (grilled and mashed up). Then prepare a pinch-salted beaten egg.

What you want to do next is to mix beaten egg with the mashed eggplant. The beaten egg serves as the skin of the eggplant when its cooked. So you can pour some of it while cooking it in a pan. Then you heat up oil on a frying pan, put to a hot state then put in the eggplant and cook until golden brown. Then serve while hot, you don’t wanna miss the crisp. For more information on how to cook eggplants healthily, you can watch the video below for more details.